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Moving in Quebec: the July 1st tradition

Last Modification: 28 June 2024

For many Quebecers, the upcoming long weekend means moving. This moving weekend is a unique social phenomenon in Quebec, largely due to the fact that residential leases all end on the same date, July 1.

A little history

The tradition of July 1 as the end date for leases dates back to a decision by the National Assembly of Quebec in 1974. That year, a law was passed to repeal certain provisions of the Civil Code of Lower Canada, which had previously set May 1 as the uniform expiry date for residential leases. This fixed date had been in effect since 1866 and was not unique to Quebec. It was also found in other major cities such as Chicago and New York.

In Quebec, in order to avoid problems linked to a massive move on the same date, the new law provided for a period of extension of leases until June 30. This measure was particularly well received by families, because it allowed them to avoid school disruptions at the end of the year. Over time, July 1 has become the new reference date for residential leases in Quebec.

A new habit

The extension period until June 30 quickly turned into a new norm, and July 1 became the preferred date for moves. Residents of large urban centers, where tenants are the majority, have gotten into the habit of making the entry into force of their leases coincide with this date.

Some statistics (sources: Wikipedia )

  • 70% of people who move do not use professionals.
  • Nearly 80% of movers order pizza and chicken, usually paid for by the movers.
  • Truck rental costs are 4 times higher during this period.
  • 60,000 tonnes of household waste, bulky objects, construction, renovation and residential demolition residue are found on the edges of streets and sidewalks, only in the greater Montreal region.
  • More pets are abandoned during the week of July 1 than usual. The number of calls for abandoned animals to the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals doubles at this time of year.
  • One in three homes will be left in a deplorable state. Problems include broken doors, floors or walls, trash left in apartments, keys not returned to the owner, or simply furniture left behind.

A moment of renewal and conviviality

Despite the challenges and the sometimes sad and worrying statistics, the moving season is also synonymous with new beginnings and opportunities. For many, it is an opportunity to sort, rediscover forgotten objects and create a living space that better reflects their aspirations. It is also a time of solidarity and conviviality, where friends and family come together to lend a helping hand, often rewarded with a shared meal. The smiles, bursts of laughter and memories created during these moves make this period unique and memorable.


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