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What a buyer should check for a swimming pool

Last Modification: 17 June 2024

Buying a property with a swimming pool can be a dream, but it is essential to carefully check several aspects before finalizing the purchase. Before submitting a promise to purchase, here are the main points to consider.

Visual Inspection of the Pool

Most structural, coating and equipment problems are often visible to the eye or with simple testing. For example, check plumbing and filtration equipment for leaks, signs of potential wear and tear. If the pool is equipped with a water heater, ask to turn it on to check its operation. Another simple test is to check the suction of the filtration system motors.

Also make sure that the swimming pool complies with current safety standards. For example, in Quebec, new regulations on fences surrounding swimming pools will come into force in 2025.

Don't just focus on the pool. Also check the condition of the deck or terrace around the swimming pool. Often, in-ground pools are surrounded by a concrete slab. Look for signs of subsidence or structural damage that may require major repairs. Make sure gates, stairs and handrails are in good condition and comply with local regulations.

Find out about the permits and authorizations required for swimming pool construction and maintenance. Make sure the pool complies with all local safety and building regulations. Check to see if there are any disputes or legal issues associated with the property and the pool.

Do not hesitate to seek expert advice if in doubt. With her business network, Gail Meili, your real estate broker in Hudson, can refer you to the experts needed to carry out the inspection.

Start-up of the Pool by the Seller

What is the “Seller Activation of the Pool” Clause?

This is a contractual clause that can be included in the promise to purchase a property with a swimming pool. It stipulates that if the deed of sale is signed after the date scheduled for the start-up of the pool, the seller must start the pool and ensure its proper functioning. This ensures that the pool is ready for use as soon as you move in.

Why Include this Clause?

  • Quality Assurance : This clause guarantees that the swimming pool will be functional and ready for use as soon as you move in, thus avoiding additional costs for immediate repairs.
  • Legal Protection : In the event of non-compliance by the seller, you have legal grounds to seek compensation or require that conditions be met before the sale.
  • Planning and Budget : Knowing that the pool will be operational without immediate additional costs helps you better plan your moving and maintenance budget.

How to Negotiate this Clause?

Discuss this clause with Gail Meili, your real estate broker. An experienced broker will know how to effectively integrate it into your promise to purchase. Also consult a pool professional to understand the specific actions the seller will need to take for startup, as well as the potential associated costs.


Before purchasing a property with a swimming pool, it is essential to carry out thorough checks and ensure that the operation of the swimming pool is covered in the deed of sale if necessary. Gail Meili, your real estate broker in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Saint-Lazare and Hudson, has a network of professionals, such as swimming pool inspectors, to obtain precise evaluations and to help you integrate all the necessary clauses into your promise to purchase. This preparation guarantees a secure and surprise-free transaction, allowing you to fully enjoy your new swimming pool from day one. For any questions or to benefit from her expertise, do not hesitate to contact Gail Meili at or by telephone at 514 969-4134.

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